Keith Kloua – Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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Today I (Keith Klouda) share an amazing article that will help to all of you. As we all know many people suffer from overweight. Keith Klouda says there are many reasons to gain extra weight. But the main reason is hectic schedule because due to hectic schedule we have no extra time to maintain the health. So if you are also suffering then this is the right place where you can know about some easy ways that help to reduce your unnecessary fat and make your body fit & fine.

You know there are many exercises that help us to maintain fit. Yes, here Keith Klouda share the name of top 5 exercises that will definitely work to reduce your fat.






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Healthy and Natural Food Habits – 1. Eat more Veg / Plant-based food

Prabeen Pati

Healthy Natural Food Habits: Plant-based food.
Reiteration why better be Veg (food-wise – plant-based food); especially habit of Mondays and/or so on (at least every other day complete Veg, or more Veg and very less meat every day; so we eat various things (that we want) and still be healthy. Religion based attachment has a benefit, to make it a more of habit, it’s put into custom/belief. And best thing to know/feel /experience is trying oneself.
Apart from that, do exercise some or the other way (everyday or every other day).
So called West and so called modern people questioned Veg food practice, but not now but for quite some time / years adopting the Eastern Veg way approach. It doesn’t mean that only Veg foolproof, nor non-Veg food will make you unhealthy so much so that die instantly.
But a healthy and more natural habit or practice for humans.

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Vide Congelateur USA

Cooking in Sens

Along with the weather, things are heating up here in Honesdale!  It’s always the not-quite -so-apparent things that can fall through the cracks when you’re backing out of one house to go to the other and we’re making our lists and checking them twice!

I’ve always managed to enjoy the emptying of the freezer as an amusing, incredulous realization of my hoarder tendencies and as a challenge to my interest in/ability to cook things I already have 😀  There are wonders in the freezer and it seems, a lot of chicken 🙂

I got in the mood with a little Nina Simone and a refreshing glass of besop (hibiscus) iced tea.  I made the tea with dried besop tea bags but it would have been so much better with bulk dried petals.  It was okay.

The idea is to avoid buying anything, while also having a good go at emptying the refrigerator…

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The Sierra Tour !/ Majestic USA


2 hours  train ride through the red woods Northern  Felton / California  , some of the trees are 2000 years old.

 Train Conductor playing his Violin .

 Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento was Build in 1921 for $ 34,000 Dollars.Today this Mansion is worth 4 million dollars.

State Capitol Building Sacramento

The Vietnam Memorial 6000 young Service men and women   Californians  gave the ultimate sacrifice at young  age 18  – 25 so young to die.

The Rose Garden At The Vietnam memorial.Sacramento.

State Capital Building ,legislators.

California ,They Came from all over for the Gold Build the Beauty Captured them .

The Magnificent Lake Tahoe  7000 – 8000 feet elevation  12  mile wide  28 mile  length 1600 feet depth. we took 2 hours cruise . We stayed at Harvey Casino Resort for 2 nights.The tour was for 4 nights and 5 days.

 There is so much Beauty  to see  in…

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Road Trip USA 2017

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Farm Life: Finding the Wild Life Outside the Wild Places


From my cousin’s inspiration, I have been more mindful on small walks around our forested home and gardens.  My regular readers have been enjoying the small discoveries of wild flowers, etc.  But, sometimes, we step outside our usual route and can discover just as many wild things in unexpected places.  We recently traveled to a family event.  Upon returning via plane and Metro to collect our car, parked in front of a friend’s home in Alexandria, VA, I came upon the following wild flowers: Queen Anne’s Lace, chicory, horse nettle, clover, and fleabane, all growing among a bed of yellow day lillies.

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Photographs or Screenshots?

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on Virtually Yours, from the Dune Mouse:
( pop over and check out my latest photography venture here at The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter:  Songs and Dreams) I’ve read some wonderful posts and comments recently on this topic…

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