Keith Klouda: Charitable Nature

Keith Klouda is the owner of Pristine Construction and Contracting – he’s also a retired police officer whose entrepreneurial dreams have helped him find success in his community. Keith Klouda lives and works in New York with his wife, and he’s committed to bringing the best possible service to every client he works with.

In fact, Keith Klouda even offers words of advice to anyone who visits his website, whether or not they’re his clients. This charitable nature, along with his regular volunteer work, is among the many reasons Mr. Keith Klouda enjoys such an amazing reputation. “A contractor should provide to you in writing a full description of the work to be done, including the materials to be used and the total cost of the project. The payment schedule should be agreed upon before starting any work on your project,” reads one tip on his website.

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Keith Klouda: Passionate Entrepreneur

Keith Klouda is the owner of a successful business known as Pristine Construction and Contracting. Keith is a retired New York City police officer with dreams of opening a cigar lounge a few years down the road. Alongside his wife, Mr. Keith Klouda has raised his family in Miller Place, NY, and is partnered with his father to run his construction company.

As a passionate entrepreneur who loves carpentry, Mr. Klouda founded a second construction company in 2011 and loves the work he does.

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Keith Klouda: Combined Experience

Keith Klouda is a retired New York City police officer who maintained an excellent reputation with his colleagues. Keith entered the New York City Police Department in 1996 and opened his first construction company in 2005, saying goodbye to his career in law. Former New York City Police Officer Keith Klouda is now the owner of Pristine Construction and Contracting, and he’s passionate about carpentry. His construction company offers over thirty years of combined experience from an expert team. The company’s services include kitchens, bathrooms, complete home remodels and much more.

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Keith Klouda: What Are the Signs of a Good Contractor

Keith Klouda is proud of the success Pristine Construction, Inc. has achieved over the last decade. As Co-owner and operator of the Long Island construction and contracting firm, Klouda and his team have grown to become a trusted and reputable residential contractor throughout the region; a company customers know they can trust for the best in kitchen, bathroom, basement and pool house construction.

Keith Klouda knows that Pristine Construction’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the diligence of a successful, dedicated team of carpenters and workers, those professionals who make great projects come to life. Putting such a team together, as he knows, requires:

Clear Communication

When everyone on the team has the opportunity to exchange ideas and communicate effectively, collaboration is generally the result.

Clear Objectives

Teams are best able to come together when clear objectives are established, and responsibilities assigned, at the outset of the project. Common goals, when communicated, give everyone something to work toward.

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Keith Klouda: Owner of KGK Construction

Keith Klouda jumped aboard KGK Construction in upstate New York in 2005. KGK was founded by his father, with his help. Keith Klouda helped carry his father’s vision for success for the company into the present, creating many opportunities for property owners to get the most value out of their construction projects. From the start, the Kloudas have offered hard work, determination, and competence to all clients in their community and beyond.

Keith Klouda changed the name of KGK Construction to Pristine Construction in 2013. Since then, Pristine Construction has worked with many companies and investors to produce efficient, beautiful, and profitable construction projects. Klouda continues to find new ways to provide value to his customers the same way his father has for over thirty years.

KGK Construction Owner Keith Klouda is a former New York City Police officer who knows right from wrong. His work in the community shows his kind disposition and care for his community.

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Keith Klouda: New York Rangers Fan

Keith Klouda has rooted for the National Hockey League’s New York Rangers for years. Being from New York, Keith Klouda loves hockey and his hometown teams. Keith now lives and works in upstate New York, where he coaches many youth sports and runs a number of small businesses. Keith Klouda first gained his competitive toughness and his penchant for working hard everyday as a youth hockey player. Injuries and business forced him from the ice in 2013.

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Ex-New York City Police Officer Keith Klouda: Commercial Contractor

Keith Klouda was a New York City Police officer before starting a construction company with his father in upstate New York. Throughout his long career as a small business owner, he has also been a skilled construction contractor, metalworker, and carpenter. Keith specializes in finish carpentry, in addition to his leadership skills as a business leader and project manager.

Keith Klouda not only knows what he can do on a construction site, he knows what everyone else is doing, too. His experience in leadership roles on construction projects allows him to gain perspective on everything going in front and behind the scenes on any project. This broad skillset is what a business and community leader like Klouda needs to be effective in all of the things he does and still wants to do.

Ex NYPD Cop Keith Klouda lives and works in Miller Place, New York with his family. Keith has “coached soccer in [the] Miller Place area for about six years and also coached Lacrosse in Miller Place for about six years also.”

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