Keith Klouda is the owner of Pristine Construction and Contracting in New York. Since its founding in 2005, Keith Klouda has built it into a successful enterprise that creates million dollar buildouts for large companies.  The success of Pristine Construction illustrates how family managers and owners can strengthen the company through loyalty and dedication, as the most effective family management reflects a unified focus on the company as an emotional family creation.

Keith Klouda: Co-Founder of Superior Metal and Woodworking

Keith Klouda is one of five co-founders of Superior Metal and Woodworking in Miller Place, New York. Klouda spent decades living in the New York City area and became a police officer there in 1996. Keith Klouda worked as an NYPD cop for ten years before founding a construction company with his father in 2005, and later Superior Metal and Woodworking in 2011. He left Superior in 2013 but still supports the company’s efforts in his community.

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