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Cooking in Sens

Along with the weather, things are heating up here in Honesdale!  It’s always the not-quite -so-apparent things that can fall through the cracks when you’re backing out of one house to go to the other and we’re making our lists and checking them twice!

I’ve always managed to enjoy the emptying of the freezer as an amusing, incredulous realization of my hoarder tendencies and as a challenge to my interest in/ability to cook things I already have 😀  There are wonders in the freezer and it seems, a lot of chicken 🙂

I got in the mood with a little Nina Simone and a refreshing glass of besop (hibiscus) iced tea.  I made the tea with dried besop tea bags but it would have been so much better with bulk dried petals.  It was okay.

The idea is to avoid buying anything, while also having a good go at emptying the refrigerator…

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