Top 10 Travel Places

That Willow Girl

Hey there!

One of the main things I want to do in the future is travel as much of the world as I can. So here’s the top 10 places I want to go in the future.

  1. Australia
  2. Alaska – Climbing glaciers!
  3. California
  4. Italy – I’m a pizza lover XD
  5. Canada
  6. Germany
  7. Austria – cause I love skiing
  8. China
  9. Florida – Disneyland cause I’m a big child XD
  10. Japan

So yeah. That’s some places I’d love to go in the future. Where would you like to go one day?

– Willow xx

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Keith Klouda is a photographer and also a good writer & internet searcher. Keith Klouda wrote many article about travel industries.
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