Good Morning, May I take your Photo?

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Good Morning, May I take your Photo?

Do you have apologists?

You are out visiting or on holiday with friends or family and you stop to grab a few photos. You wonder off down a side street. They stand there, hands on hips, tapping a foot.

“He likes to take photos.” They say to each other as if you are a trainspotter or a precocious child that has to be humoured. “He’ll probably grow out of it.”

“It would be all right if we actually ever got to see any of them!” They mutter to each other, and on your return they complain that they’re getting hungry and that we’re already late for lunch.

At lunch while you are flicking through the pictures that you’ve just taken, you will be asked if you have any ‘good ones’, and when you proudly show them a portrait that you’ve captured they glance at it and then complain that the…

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Keith Klouda is a photographer and also a good writer & internet searcher. Keith Klouda wrote many article about travel industries.
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