Let’s get to know each other

cropped-jackyblog3.jpgHello lovely people.

I’m so excited to be embarking on this new journey and sharing with you the things I stumble upon as I muddle through this thing we call life.

I thought I’d kick my journey off by answering a few questions about myself. Hopefully this post will give you some insight into who I am.

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The Best Travel Credit Cards In Canada

Bruno Villetelle

What are the best travel credit cards in Canada? I look at two of the best and explore why the American Express Platinum Card is by far the best travel credit card for Canadians right now.

Source: Forbes.

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A Few Days in Tokyo (Part II)

Lauren and Gil in Japan

A Few Days in Tokyo (Part II)
(For Part I, Click Here)

Vending machines on every corner and alley pump out endless cans and bottles. An abundance of packaging seals in products sold at convenience stores. Yet, the streets are surprisingly clean despite the complete lack of public trashcans. Seriously, there are no trashcans in this country.

The next day we decided that sushi for breakfast was a good idea. Well, at least that’s what you’re supposed to do at Tsukiji Fish Market. The fresh fish arrives in the morning, vendors auction it off and sell it to buyers, then restaurants serve it. However, eating at one of the sushi restaurants located conveniently next to the market, allows tourists and raw fish connoisseurs to jump the line and eat some super fresh fish.

There are dozens of sushi restaurants around the fish market. We picked one with a short…

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Senggigi Beach Lombok: Local Destinations Sense of International

Indonesia TRAVEL

TRAVELNESIA – Are you planning a vacation to Lombok? If so, then Senggigi Beach must exist in your tour wish-list because Senggigi Beach has a beautiful panorama that can captivate the heart. For you sea lovers, congratulations you have found the sea so amazing. This beach became one of the interesting places in Lombok with the long coastline view and will look more beautiful when viewed from a height.


Senggigi Beach Lombok able to present the color gradation on the sand beach from black to white. The sea water has waves that are not so big, clear, and also clean. The beauty of Senggigi Beach Lombok Why Senggigi Beach can be one of the world famous beach tour? The answer lies in the beauty of the sea. Senggigi Beach has sea water so clear. You can see directly thousands of fish that swim freely and lively in the sea Senggigi…

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Tourist in My Own Country pt.1

Post-Punk Pin-Up

Some months ago, while being a glovetrotter, I wrote abour having a desire to be a tourist in my iwn country. Well, acheivement unlocked because I just spent a week in the lovely and bustling tourist attraction that is Sydney!

As soon as I returned home from my travels I thought about Sydney. I was often asked while I was overseas what Sydney was like, but only having been once as a small child I could never really provide much insight. And now I can!

It was the longest but one of the best weeks I’ve had in a really long time. I was a much better backpacker in Sydney than I’d ever been overseas. Staying in a hostel, I made more friends in one week than I’d made in three months in Europe. It’s the one thing that gets me down about that trip, as I’d always imagined it to…

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Written in the sky

I wrote some stuff..

Who taught you the moon and sun have a tragic love?
why do you believe they live a tortured life apart
who taught you that time is linear,
that intimacy is a touch
that happiness and love are hard to come by?

Can’t you see that  the moon and the sun have the strongest of love,
an effortless unconditional acceptance
supporting each other through the tides and cloudy days,
the sun is always illuminating the moon through the night
the moon leaving the sun to be everyone’s spotlight

who told you they are opposing forces
they are two sides of the same coin
but there is a dance between them
of day and night that energises the world
they make love by pushing time
they connect by moving the world forward
climaxing through eclipses, such intimacy.

this world is a child
merely looking up at its parents not understanding the unity and beauty that…

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Watch “Highlight & Contour 2017” on YouTube


Hey there! So, do you love makeup but aren’t quite sure how to apply…especially highlight and contour? Well my latest video is the one you need to watch! It’s very beginner friendly, showing you the basics. Don’t forget to thumbs up the video and subscribe to my channel for more!

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